Health insurance benefits: You have more than what you think

Benefits you get from your health insurance policyWhat do you take into account before buying insurance…?

Is it:

  • The affordable premium,
  • Compensation of losses or
  • The lucrative sum assured that will take care of your family.


Which one will you choose…?

Let me just answer…

Will it be “All of the above…!”

Did you say yes…!

I knew, I was right…

We always want our policy not just only to be affordable but also that will take care of our family even in hard times…


More the services the better it is, as we would want our every penny to count.

If you are looking for any such option, then here you will find the list of benefits that will make your policy more buyable.


Check out the top 10 Health insurance benefits that are usually covered in your plan…

Your health insurance policy provides:

1. Inpatient care:

Care when hospitalized

This includes the care that an insured gets being hospitalized. This often includes meals, routine nursing, medicines or any other hospital supplies. Though these are the most common facilities provided by your insurer, it will always be a good idea to do cross check. This way you will always know the kind of help you gonna get.

Apart from inpatient care you are also taken care of pre and post hospitalization. Thus whatever expenses incurred before or after you being hospitalized will be covered in your plan.

Here is what Apollo Munich has to offer in their health insurance plan. They take care of an insured before being hospitalized for 60 days and for 180 days post hospitalization.

Advantages from Health insurance policy

2. In-house care:

Policy that care even when you are not hospitalized

It takes into account the care provided when hospitalization is not required. It is also said to be as Outpatient care, where the patient is financially taken care of outside hospital.

Today almost every insurer offers this facility. It has thus become a kind of necessary part of our lives, as cost is only rising with advancement.

Thus under in-house care any expense done is borne by the insurer and your budget never crosses your set limit.

3. Cash-less hospitalization:

No cash required

This is probably one of the biggest health insurance benefit you can get out of your policy. Your policy connects you with “n” number of hospitals where you get cashless benefits. Here you need not to pay anything and you be dealt with utmost care.

Thus at the time of need family of the insured will only be bothered about getting the patient hospitalized and not money.

What will be more beneficial under such facility will be the no. of hospitals. More they are the better it will be for you, as you will have many options in your hand.

Here’s a snapshot for Religare health insurance policy that connects you with 4500+ hospitals.

Health insurance advantages from religare

4. Room-rent:


Policy with room rent

Your room rent expenses are usually taken care of by your policy. Thus you are never bothered for such frivolous things.

Your plan usually takes into account 1% to 2% of the sum assured for room rent. Thus if you are planning to buy a policy anytime soon, then a good option would be to check how much you will be compensated. To check the list of companies that makes up the best plan and offers higher rental, take a look here.

5. Relationship manager:

Getting your claim processed is a daunting task. You will be totally wasting your time if you don’t know how to file it.

Thus here the role of relationship manager comes in. He guides you from time to time and even updates about the status of your claim.

This very facility lets you spend some more quality time with the patient than running around over the claim process. Thus it can be termed as another biggest health insurance benefits.

6. Claim assistance:

You will get every assistance

When unfortunate happens then the only thing you look for is the “support”. A hand that guides you and remains with you all time. This is what 24/7 helpline form insurance companies are meant to do.

They take care of all your queries and reach you over the dedicated assistance network. This can come as a great help for anyone in need and doubt.

7. Lifelong renewability option:

You are cared for life

Your health insurance is kind of your life partner as it stays there with you life-long. Though many companies come with upper cap limit that defines the entry age of a person, but once bought it remains there life long.

Thus with life-long renewability option by your side you are assured that you will be taken care, always.

Here is what Bajaj Alliance says about renewability in their policy wordings…

Bajaj Alliance health care policy

8. Save when taxed:

You save when taxed

Your premium and the lumpsum amount your family receives attract tax benefits. They are exempted under India income tax act 1961 upto a certain limit.

When your taxable income is calculated then your premium amount is deducted under section 80D.

In-total you can save upto Rs. 35,000 from your taxable income just by paying premium. Here’s how…!

  • If you are 65 years or less then you save Rs.15,000/-
  • If you have your parents health insured and if they are 65+ then you save Rs.20,000/- on your taxable income.

Thus, you save when you pay. Here is a nice article from Economic times on taxability.

9. Bonus:

You get no-claim bonus

You are rewarded for you deeds.

Thus, if you take care of petty expenses then insurance companies reward you with no-claim bonuses. This is simply a sum that gets added in your sum assured. Thus if you make no-claim then you are rewarded with hard cash.

Here is what you get from Apollo Munich health insurance plan.

Health insurance plan

10. Guaranteed sum assured:

Your sum assured is guaranteed

With insurance policy you always will know what you gonna get as your sum assured will be kind of guaranteed. Thus it will be one of a kind investment option with guaranteed returns (provided you play fair).

Your policy will always have something more to offer provided you are ready to take it.

Thus if you are still looking for the best options available then wait no longer and check this out. Buy as soon as possible as the greatest benefit you will get is the low and affordable premium if you start early.