Farmer insurance: A life saver

Farmer insuranceFarmer Insurance: A policy that was always needed…

A brutal truth:

5600 farmers had suicidal deaths in 2014.

As per the findings of National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) this is exactly equal to 1 farmer dying in every 100 villages.

This figure was even higher in the year 2012 which was close to 14,000. Though it is significantly lower but is no where under control.

When the Reason was investigated then it was found that they commit suicides under huge and unbearable burden of debt.

Reasons why farmer commit suicide

As shown in the pic above, bankruptcy is the single biggest reason for farmer committing suicide, as it takes 20.6% of the total. Then it is followed by other factors like:

  • Family problems: 20.10%
  • Farming related problems: 17.20%
  • Illness: 13.20%
  • Drug abuse or alcoholic addiction: 4.40%
  • Other problems: 20.50%

Because of the huge debt, negligible income and never ending family problems they force themselves to die.

Here is the state wise break down of farmer committing suicides in the year 2014.

Farmer suicidal deaths


The data above clearly shows that Maharashtra has been the worst impacted state in this whole scenario.

It was also found that out of 826 deaths in Maharashtra 765 were due to loan that was taken by farmers against their crop produce. But because of bad weather conditions that also resulted in bad yield and the pressure to repay loan, they find dying easy.

Such is the status in India, where a man who faithfully plant seeds in the spring to give us food in the autumn, doesn’t find any say. They are simply only treated as vote banks by the govt.

But now no more,


Now is the time to act,

Farmer Insurance: Life cover for Farmers

Insurance for lower middle class

It seems that govt. has finally opened their eyes on the issue and thus has come out with a proposal. Though the scheme is only implemented in one state but we are glad that it was finally implemented.

Finally a relief…

Under their new proposal Maharashtra has become the first of its kind state to insure farmers in India. On the birthday of late chief minister Vasantrao Naik in July the scheme was introduced under Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and is now effectively being implemented in over 500 villages.

Under this new said scheme The Govt. plans to insure 1.35 crore farmers. The premium that will be charged for a life cover of Rs.2 lac is planned to be at Rs.12 yearly. Now this sounds something to be very logical, reasonable and affordable considering lower income group farmers.

Insuring crops

Crop Insurance

Steps are also being taken to revive crop insurance as well. Though it has been part of the country’s history since long but was never implemented successfully. But now steps are being taken to have success on that ground as well.


If implemented successfully then we would have:

  • Crop insurance that will take care of the losses due to bad yield;
  • Farmer insurance which will financially protect families of farmer’s against any unfortunate event.

If you are a farmer yourself then get yourself insured under the scheme or you can also take the help of the companies like:

  1. HDFC Ergo
  2. United India Insurance
  3. Royal Sundaram and
  4. Agriculture insurance company of India