Technology Company Insurance

Technology Insurance can include many different coverages starting with a basic tech oriented general liability policy but more often would be some technology related professional liability coverage(tech E&O) or product liability insurance and the associated coverages that may go along with any successful company like Directors and Officers insurance, Employment Practices insurance, etc.  When you state that you work with Technology companies that encompasses a wide range of fields, when I say I mean I worked in the technology field for 10+ year before entering the insurance industry.  I stay up to date on the most recent technology developments and the key is that I work with my clients to grasp their business models, future goals and even their exit strategies so we can work together to build an risk management program that makes sense for the particular situation.  Having started my career in the technology industry, first with an internet search company and then an ERP software solution I have a comprehensive understanding of the technology field and a much greater awareness of the risk's involved than the average insurance broker.  My customer's in the technology field range from IT support staff, web designers, programmers, and software companies to ram chip manufactures and cloud computing hardware and software manufactures.  As a broker it is important to stay current and up to date on the fields you specialize in and provide the comfort and knowledge for my clients that I understand their business and know where to find the best policies at the most competitive pricing.

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"Tim delivers. On very short notice Tim was able to meet our insurance needs. On a personal level, I have know Tim for over 3 years and he is one of the most optimistic people I know, a pleasure to work with and be around.” June 19, 2008 COO, SAP Software Developer

As a technology company you will have to consider some additional risk scenarios that many California companies are not exposed to in day to day operations.  Professional Liability for technology companies or Errors and Omissions (E&O) is a coverage that is very applicable to many technology companies.  If you are creating websites, programming, implementing software or performing a technology service odds are you need some form of professional liability coverage.  We can help determine your true risks and design a policy that fits your needs.

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Some Coverages available to this class of business:
General Liability
• Commercial Automobile 
Workers' Compensation
• Umbrella 
• Crime 
Directors & Officers Liability 
• Bonds
• Earthquake
• Internet Liability
• Foreign Liability
• Computer Virus
• Inland Marine/Equipment Coverage
• Builders’ Risk
• Self Insurance Alternatives
• Professional Liability
Employment Practices Liability
• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
• Warranties & Reps
• Tax Opinion Liability
• Contingent Liability Buy-Outs
• Intellectual Property
• Identity Theft


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